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Maxwell Winch Maintenance Guide


Well maintained and cared for, a correctly specified and installed Maxwell Anchor Winch will provide years of reliable, trouble-free anchoring. Below is a brief summary of recommended procedures to ensure you get the best out of your Maxwell Winch year in and year out.

Tips and guidelines:

  • Accumulation of dirt and debris is the biggest problem for any equipment. Routinely wash down the above deck portion of the winch and chain with clean salt or fresh water.
  • Remove any corrosion build up and coat with a suitable protective product. This applies especially to the gearbox and motor
  • Ensure that the clutches are in good working order by releasing and re-setting them during inspection and wash down. Periodic greasing of the clutch cones with a waterproof marine grease is essential.


  • Above deck components should be removed and greased following the appropriate maintenance and installation instructions in the owner's manual. Check the level of oil in the gearbox and top up as per instructions if necessary
  • Underdeck components should be sprayed, preferably with CRC-3097 Long Life or alternatively, CRC 6-66, CRC "Soft Seal" or WD 40
  • Particular attention should be paid to the motor terminals, footswitch terminals, terminals on the reversing solenoids, plus the battery and isolator terminals to ensure all are in good working order


• Repeat procedures under PRIOR TO SEASON


• Before storage, carry out procedures under PRIOR TO SEASON

  • ABOVE DECK COMPONENTS: Clean the windlass with a cloth damp with kerosene (paraffin). Spray, preferably with CRC 3097 Long Life or, alternatively, CRC 6-66 or WD 40. Polish off with a clean non-fluffy cloth
  • GEARBOX: The Maxwell gearbox is a totally self-contained sealed unit. Providing the windlass is not abused this unit should give years of trouble free service. Every three years the gearbox should be removed, oil drained, cleaned and replaced with SAE 90
  • RECOMMENDED LUBRICANTS: Gearbox Oil: SAE 90, (e.g. Shell Omala 320, Castrol Alpha SP 320). Mainshaft and bearing: Marine grease, lithium based or lithium complex based, (e.g. Duckhams Keenol, Castrol LMX). Do not use soap-based grease. Above deck components: CRC 3097 spray
  • Most anchor winches on vessels up to about 18 metres use 12V or 24V DC electric motors. It is important that the motor is kept well protected and serviced. Neglect of the winch's electric motor is one of the most common causes of windlass failure.


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