Maxwell Winches
Winches, Capstans and Windlasses for


DC Drive Specifications

Line SpeedRefer m/min
Graph ft/min
Pull Capacity
2721 kg
6000 lb
Motor Power3500 W
4.8 hp
Net Weight195 kg
429 lb

AC Drive Specifications

Line Speed13 m/min
43 ft/min
Pull Capacity
1286 kg
2829 lb
Pull Capacity
2721 kg
6000 lb
Current (@ 400V)
Rated Load
start DOL

8.2 A
55 A
Motor Power4 kW
5.5 HP
Weight of Windlass247 kg
544 lb

Hydraulic Drive Specifications

Pressure - p
170 bar
2470 psi
Pull Capacity
2721 kg
6000 lb
Pull Capacity
2721 kg
6000 lb
Flow - Q
48 l/min
12.7 USgal/min
Line Speed @ Q14 m/min
46 ft/min
Maximum Flow88 l/min
23.2 USgal/min
Weight of Windlass166 kg
365 lb


DC Drive

AC Drive

NOTE: Performance data are given for 400V 50Hz power supply. They may vary for other voltages and frequencies

Hydraulic Drive