Maxwell Winches
Winches, Capstans and Windlasses for

Variable Frequency Motor Controllers  

Variable frequency drives have many advantages over more simple, direct on line solutions:

  • Eliminates high current requirements during startup and speed change on two speed, pole changing motors
  • Achieves multiple speeds with a standard, single speed motor, which is simpler, smaller and less expensive than an equivalent two-speed, pole changing motor
  • Superior speed control capability, including pre-set speeds
  • Accurate overload protection by monitoring both the motor temperature and current
  • Soft starting and speed change to avoid mechanical shocks to windlass and chain
  • LCD display with a wide range of messages to help with programming and troubleshooting
Input & Output Terminals
18 Starboard power supply phase 3
19 Starboard power supply phase 2
20 Starboard power supply phase 1
21 Starboard power supply phase neutral
22 Starboard motor power supply
23 Starboard motor power supply
24 Starboard motor power supply
25 Starboard brake resistor
26 Starboard brake resistor
27 Starboard motor brake
28 Starboard motor brake
29 Starboard pendant controller term 7
30 Starboard pendant controller term 3
31 Starboard pendant controller term 2
32 Starboard pendant controller term 1
33 Starboard motor thermistor
34 Starboard motor thermistor
1 Port motor thermistor
2 Port motor thermistor
3 Port pendant controller term 1
4 Port pendant controller term 2
5 Port pendant controller term 3
6 Port pendant controller term 7
7 Port motor brake
8 Port motor brake
9 Port brake resistor
10 Port brake resistor
11 Port motor power supply
12 Port motor power supply
13 Port motor power supply
14 Port power supply neutral
15 Port power supply phase 1
16 Port power supply phase 2
17 Port power supply phase 3
VMFC enclosure
Enclosure - Powder coated cabinet, IP56 The cabinet houses 2 VFD units (for pair of windlasses), pre-wired with the necessary isolators, fuses, relays and terminal strips.

VFMC Cabinet Dimensions

MODEL MD 7.5 MD 11
W 1000 mm 1000 mm
H 800 mm 800 mm
D 300 mm 300 mm
Weight 80 kg 113 kg
Max Motor Size 7.5 kW 11 kW
IP Rating 56 56
Brake Resistor 175U1847 175U1848
VMFC dimensions

Brake Resistor

A Brake Resistor (an integral part of VFMC) is used to dissipate the electrical energy, generated when lowering the windlass. It is not installed in the same cabinet because it does not need to be in an accessible area. Once wired, it should provide years of trouble free service, without need for any maintenance or attention. Since it has protection rating IP 20, it should be installed in a suitably protected area. The Brake Chopper is not needed for controlling stern capstans.

MODEL 175U1847 175U1848
Power 10% 7kw 10% 14kw
Resistance 65 ohm 40 ohm
W 700 mm 700 mm
H 100 mm 100 mm
D 100 mm 100 mm
Mounting Screw 6mm 6mm
Weight 3 kg 5 kg
Brake REsistor dimensions