Maxwell Winches
Winches, Capstans and Windlasses for

Foot Switch and Pendant Controllers 

Foot Switch

  • Switch with chromed bronze bezel, no cover
  • Switch with white plastic bezel and cover
  • Switch with black plastic bezel and cover
  • Switch with stainless steel bezel and cover
  • UV stabilized diaphragm
  • Rated to 200A peak current and 120A continuous current
  • Nickel plated copper contacts ensure good conductivity and high corrosion resistance
  • Heavy duty
  • Easy to install

Pendant Controllers
The pendant controller is often the preferred choice for operating the windlass. Its rugged design makes it ideal for the critical task of lowering and raising the anchor, where safety is paramount. The hand held unit is plugged in a water-proof socket, mounted in a convenient location. This socket is wired to the control circuitry of the windlass. When not used, the unit can be unplugged and stored away.

Standard features:

  • Simple, two button, up and down operation
  • Water-proof plug and socket connection
  • Momentary (non-latching) buttons for safety, no emergency stop button required
Optional features:
  • Double depression buttons for intuitive two speed control
  • Additional buttons to control other equipment (e.g. hydraulic pump or chain wash system)
  • 6m and 9m cable lengths