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Superyacht Anchoring Equipment - Selection Information

Maxwell Superyacht windlasses, capstans and deck gear should form an integral part of every yacht's design. Maxwell style, performance and reliability provide the peace of mind that designers, builders, owners and captains strive for when demanding the ultimate anchoring solution.

By working with the Maxwell team you are not only assured of superb product, you also inherit the expertise of installation design as a matter of course. Maxwell's complimentary consultation at the beginning of a project could save you thousands of dollars down the line.

All great designs, be they new, re-fit or modification, have to start somewhere. This is the point when discussion and conceptualisation progress to actual engineering. When constraints conflict with requirements is the point when reality bites. Information is the key to successfully navigating this maze. Well informed decisions are the best decisions. To empower everyone with the job of selecting the windlass or designing the whole windlass installation, Maxwell Specification Sheets provide the perfect starting point.

The Maxwell Specification Sheets and Electronic Drawings supplied in each section aim to be innovative and concise. Used in conjunction, they should be enough to get any design to "first base". There will always be more than one acceptable solution. Care should be taken when considering the various options available.

Inevitably there will be further queries and this is where an email to techsupport will provide the required answers. Do not hesitate in seeking clarification or asking for more detailed explanations. By availing yourself of Maxwell's technical support, and using the Maxwell Specification Sheets and CAD data, you will get the ultimate anchoring solution you seek.

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