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Superyacht Anchoring Equipment

For over four decades Maxwell has been supplying anchoring solutions to the global marine market. The unique requirements of the Superyacht industry have driven Maxwell to excel in this demanding market. Quality, reliability, performance and style are a must. Superyacht owners and captains depend on the finest equipment aboard their luxurious vessels to see them safely around the world and have come to rely on Maxwell over the years.

By employing top calibre people with solid theoretical and practical backgrounds in the marine industry, Maxwell is able to satisfy the needs of this demanding market, providing designs and products that consistently exceed the expectations of its customers.

Applying the latest in CAD design and practical R & D to every project guarantees that, when a Maxwell product is introduced, it will be to the highest engineering standards, innovation and reliability. Even though classification society approval may not always be required, Maxwell designs their equipment to exceed the demanding requirements of these authorities. By following Maxwell’s 15 Easy Steps to Windlass Selection , the naval architect, project manager or ship’s captain, can easily ascertain the windlass requirements for his/her vessel.

Maxwell's strength comes with commitment to its customers. The company drives itself to take care of its clients by understanding their needs, understanding the industry's requirements and understanding the latest technology. This ensures that the anchoring equipment installed on every vessel serves to strengthen Maxwell's reputation.

Rely on Maxwell to provide "Anchoring Excellence".

A superyacht anchoring solution

SY Catalogue

SY Catalogue
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