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Topworks Selection

Once you have decided on the windlass size, you can look at different topworks and drive options.

Maxwell offers several variations of topworks to meet the different demands of a range of installation requirements.

VC Vertical Capstan VW Vertical Windlass VWC Vertical Windlass with Chain Pipe
A simple capstan that is driven in one direction. It is used to control mooring lines. Consists of chain wheel and capstan, without chain pipe. It suits installations where the chain pipe has to be further away from the windlass. It can also be used with combined rope-chain anchor line where weight permits. The most commonly used topworks, comprises chain wheel, capstan and chain pipe integrated on the deck plate. This compact design requires very small deck area, yet offers handling of both anchor chain and mooring rope.
VC Silhouette VW Silhouette VWC Silhouette
VWCLP Vertical Windlass with Chain Pipe HWC Horizontal Windlass with Chain Pipe and Horizontal Capstan HWVC Horizontal Windlass with Chain Pipe and Vertical Capstan
In Low Profile (no capstan). It is very convenient for installation under a hatch or where space is limited. Can be used whenever low profile is required, such as on the decks of sailing yachts. This type has all its components (including drive) above deck. It is suitable where excessive deck thickness makes vertical installation impractical or where the under deck space is limited i.e. multihull vessels. They have chainwheels and/or capstans mounted on a horizontally laid shaft. The same as HWC with the additional option of a vertically installed capstan. The vertical capstan is driven by a totally independent drive. Any combination of capstans and chain wheels to port or starboard is available.
VWCLP Silhouette HWC Silhouette HWVC Silhouette


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