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Deck Gear

Maxwell is committed to offering the Superyacht industry a complete anchoring solution. This commitment is reflected in the development of a full range of ancillary anchoring equipment (deck gear) to complement its range of windlasses.

Maxwell’s innovative range of Roller-Stopper-Tensioner (RST) units is a testimony to this commitment. These units grew out of one of anchoring’s most basic and essential pieces of equipment – the chain stopper.

Customers began to ask if Maxwell could incorporate a chain roller into the chain stopper to form a compact and integrated unit. This Roller-Stopper unit was thus developed and introduced, gaining instant market acceptance.

Happy Days

Boat designers and builders also asked if Maxwell could incorporate a tensioning device into the chain stopper and the Roller-Stopper units. Thus were born the Stopper-Tensioner and Roller-Stopper-Tensioner units. The RST became an instant success giving the boat builder a unit that he could simply bolt to the deck in front of the windlass and have a completely integrated system allowing safe and easy handling of anchor deployment and retrieval with any side pocket anchor installation.

A yacht should never be underway without the anchor tightly stowed and a windlass should only be used for lowering and raising the chain and anchor.  A device other than the windlass is therefore required to hold the anchor snug when it is stowed.  Maxwell’s RST “Devils claw” is a double hook on the tensioner which engages the chain and allow the chain to be tensioned thus securing the anchor in the fully stowed position.  

All Superyacht Roller-Stoppers, Stopper-Tensioners and Roller-Stopper-Tensioners come in a variety of sizes to suit Maxwell’s complete windlass range.


Chain Roller Stopper Tensioner

As Superyachts become larger, so do the demands for specialised anchoring equipment. Maxwell has designed and introduced a range of integrated chain compressor (clamp stopper) roller-tensioner units as an alternative to conventional chain stoppers and stopper tensioners. These chain compressors are designed for safe, effortless chain engagement and disengagement, even if the chain is under tension, by using an easy operable lead screw and handwheel.

Fabricated in stainless steel and mirror polished, they add to the aesthetics of every vessel's bow area. Maxwell chain compressors are available as stand alone units or mounted on a platform, together with bow roller/chain tensioner (devil's claw) systems. Chain rollers are specially designed to fit each particular chain size, ensuring smooth, quiet operation.

Chain Compressor Roller Tensioner

An ideal windlass installation may require the chain locker to be situated away from the windlass. This is possible when using a VW model windlass in conjunction with a remote chain pipe. The Chainpipe-Roller provides the best possible solution to such a requirement. The roller (mounted on a self lubricated bearing) ensures low friction and therefore efficient and reliable movement of the chain from locker to windlass. The chain pipe portion covers the entry to the locker reducing the water intake. Square and round rollers are available for stud and short link chain respectively. The curvature of the chain pipe also prevents water ingress to anchor locker, preventing the shipping of water. It also acts to guard the moving chain and provides an elegant look in keeping with the windlass.

Maxwell has years of windlass installation design experience and strongly recommends consulting them for any installation, especially one that may need a Chainpipe-Roller.

Chain Pipe Roller