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Maxwell Creates Tool to Help with Hatch & Portlight Selection

Date: 17 Feb 2015

A number of years ago Maxwell Marine ceased manufacturing hatches and portlights. However, the more common and popular hatches and portlights, formally designed and manufactured by Maxwell, are now available under the Vetus brand and can be found in the current Vetus-Maxwell catalogue or on the Vetus web site at

None the less, as there is still demand for some hatch and portlight models that Vetus does not include in their extensive range, these “non-catalogue” models may still be ordered from Vetus-Maxwell APAC.  

We believe that you should be able to easily ascertain which current model code you need to use to order Vetus non-catalogue hatch and portlight models by clicking on the following link: 

However, please do not hesitate to contact your nearest Vetus-Maxwell representative should you require further assistance in regards to your hatch and portlight requirements.









Maxwell Creates Tool to Help with Hatch & Portlight Selection