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Maxwell Introduces Innovative Superyacht Windlass and Deck Gear

Date: 01 Aug 2002

Larger superyachts have created a demand for larger windlasses and anchor handling equipment. In response, Maxwell has launched the first of its SY Superyacht Series windlasses, along with highly stylised and innovative deck gear including integrated roller-stopper-tensioner units and special chain-rollers.

In the growing international Superyacht arena, Maxwell’s reputation for customising anchoring solutions to suit any Superyacht specifications is growing. Maxwell acknowledges that the designer/builder is now able to source a complete Maxwell anchoring and stern-handling package, which can be modified and suited to each individual build.

"Working with the vessel’s designer and builder, smoothes the process of windlass installation and design ensuring an optimal outcome for the boat owner," Explains Maxwell. "Our team appreciates that no two Superyachts are the same, whether they are expedition style, traditional sailing or sleek trideck design. We are always willing and able to work with the Superyacht project throughout, customising where necessary but always supplying the basic rugged and reliable products that customers worldwide have come to expect."

Maxwell is doing an increasing amount of work on Superyachts including the about to be completed order for a 170-foot (53 metre) Superyacht at the prestigious Cheoy Lee boatyard in China. "On the whole, the Superyacht industry poses unique challenges," Says Maxwell. "We’re now getting into the mega yacht (vessels over 60 metres/200ft) market and this has presented us with greater opportunities to develop ever larger, more efficient anchor windlass packages."

Maxwell’s expertise is not restricted to powered Superyachts. The company’s enviable legacy as a renowned sheet winch manufacturer ensures it also understands the unique requirements of sailing Superyachts as well.

"We also appreciate that speed of distribution and support is crucial to the Superyacht owner and crew," continues Maxwell. "To this end, we have distribution centres and service agents have been established in virtually every part of the globe."