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Maxwell Releases All New HRC10 Windlass at China Boat Show 2010

Date: 31 Mar 2010

New Maxwell Horizontal HRC10-8 and HRC10-10
Automatic Rope/Chain Windlasses

Asia-Pacific Region Release at China Boat Show 2010

The Maxwell HWC1500 Horizontal chain only windlass has been an industry icon for years. Now, responding to demand for a similar sized horizontal windlass that will handle rope/chain rodes as well as chain only rodes, Maxwell is about to release their completely new and different compact HRC10-8 and HRC10-10 fully automatic rope/chain windlasses.

Maxwell’s HRC10 Series comprise horizontal versions of the very popular and innovative vertical RC10 Series of automatic rope/chain windlasses introduced to the market in 2008. The new HRC10’s are packed with highly original as well as proven features, including patented rode management technology developed by Maxwell. Available in the third quarter of 2010, these HRC10 units are destined to become as successful as the RC10.

These sleek units incorporate Maxwell’s revolutionary "Wave Design™" chainwheel, which is able to accommodate a wide range of chain pitch differences, within specified chain size diameters. This patented chainwheel design, working in conjunction with a solid stainless steel pressure arm, which always exerts maximum control pressure on the rode (rope, splice or chain), ensures trouble free rode transition.

Visit Maxwell’s web site to read all about this clever Wave Design patented chainwheel, which not only holds the rope more securely, but also is kinder on the rope, resulting in increased longevity of your anchor rode.

The aesthetically pleasing above deck design; evolved from the philosophy of form follows function, encapsulates the motor and drive in a two part watertight case, saving space below deck. This two part case consists of a die cast, marine-grade hard anodised alloy front section and a rugged and easily removable composite motor cover aft section, thus allowing quick and easy, on-deck, routine maintenance.

Combine all of the above with a highly attractive and competitive price and you will understand why Maxwell continues to lead the world in anchoring solutions.

Those attending this year’s China Boat Show in Shanghai (April 8th to 11th) will be among the first in the world to see this exciting new product from Maxwell.


Maxwell Releases All New HRC10 Windlass at China Boat Show 2010