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Maxwell Takes the Guesswork Out of Chainwheel Selection

Date: 24 Nov 2009

In order for your windlass to retrieve and deploy the anchor and chain smoothly, without jamming, it is vitally important that the chain and chainwheel (gypsy) match.Unfortunately all chains (whether metric or imperial) are not necessarily manufactured to the same tolerances for a given chain size. Therefore, Maxwell has devised a global chain and chainwheel spreadsheet which will help you to figure out what chainwheel you need to order, for the chain you are using, to fit and work correctly with your Maxwell windlass.

If you know the chain size and manufacturer,then
simply go to the link below in the Maxwell web site, look up your chain, scroll down to your windlass and a dot in the matrix will indicate and guide you to the chainwheel to be used with your specific windlass and chain.

Chainwheel Selection Guide

If you do not know the chain size and manufacturer, then use the illustrated chain diagram and indicated dimensions information to “measure” your chain. Send this information to your Maxwell dealer, who will then help you figure out what chain you are using and therefore what chainwheel must be used with your Maxwell windlass.