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Maxwell Funny and Happy Customer

Date: 25 Nov 2005

We were delighted to receive the following e-mail from Jeff Cooper, obviously a happy and funny Maxwell customer.

"I have a Maxwell Freedom 500 on my 3470 Cruisers Express and it works just great! In fact, my boating pals with different brands of Windlasses are pretty jealous that I never have to go out to the bow to unkink a rode, or "help" retrieve my anchor. Thanks for a great windlass!

I also have a 2 year old son who likes to tinker a bit. On one unfortunate day, Jeffrey Jr. found the "big red knob" on the Circuit breaker/isolator panel and somehow unscrewed the knob (he's very mechanical, my son) and promptly tossed it overboard (Dad wouldn't do this).

So, I need a new knob; pretty badly. Is this something you can help me with?

I'd be happy to pay, if you can point me in the right direction!

Jeff Cooper (Dad)
Jeffrey Jr. (Shackled 2 year old)"

Everyone at Maxwell enjoyed this story so much that we asked Jeff if we could put it up on our web site for all to enjoy.

Maxwell prides itself in having happy customers. Funny and happy customers is a bonus!

P.S. We sent Jeffery and Jeffery Jr. a free replacement knob each and advised Jeffery Snr to "Locktite" the knob back onto the threaded stem this time.