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Date: 16 Dec 2004

TWL: Resurrected Maxwell Windlass Resurrected Maxwell Windlass&In-Reply-To=
Thu Aug 9 23:48:32 EDT 2001

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'lo All,

You may recall that my H-600 Maxwell anchor windlass died on the last anchor
pull-up on our last little cruise.

I sent an email to Maxwell (in New Zealand as that is the only email address
on the Maxwell webpage). I received a telephone call from the Maxwell folks
in California about 1 hour and 21 minutes later. After giving me detailed
instructions over the phone, they sent me a fax of the factory drawings, plus
a hand drawing showing how to disassemble the motor from the transmission
without destroying it. (Impossible without that info.)

I took the motor to a local starter repair shop and received it back in
pieces in a box. "Not reparable" (or something such as that) was the edict.
"The bearings are shot, the armature is shot, the brush holders are broken,
etc., etc., etc."

I called Mr. Scott Worsham, Maxwell USA, in CA, and asked if they had any
source for these motors, or parts. No, they did not, but he asked if the case
was ok -- yes. Scott recommended I contact:

LEWCO Electric Company
456 N. Newport Blvd
Newport Beach, CA 92663

Telephone (949) 548-8383

I did and received a tentative quote for the "worse case scenario" I
described, which, while a lot was LOTS less than a new windlass, so I sent it
to them to look at and see if it was, in fact, reparable.

Two days ago I received the motor and bill. The motor works like new and the
bill was about half of the "worse case scenario" that the tentative quote was

Based upon this experience, I highly recommend LEWCO for any repairs of this
type. Quick, courteous, thorough repairs at a fair price.

My gratitude also goes to the Maxwell folks. Customer service like this
should be the norm for all businesses, but unfortunately it is not.
Therefore, when I find good customer service and support, I try to spread the
word. This is the second electric Maxwell windlass I have owned. I have been
highly satisfied with both. The first was on our sailboat for about 10 years
(before I sold the boat). It spent a fair amount of time buried in saltwater
waves. The H-600 windlass on the Celestial is about 16 yrs old. Mechanically,
it looked brand new inside (not counting the motor). I can't say how often
this windlass was buried in saltwater, but I can attest to it being subjected
to numerous saltwater baths in the last few years. Good products.

I guess I should add that I have no connection with either company except as
a very satisfied customer.

M/V Celestial
Albin 43 Sundeck